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Master Energy Therapist, Beth Young, created Energy Clearing Therapies™ (ECT), a group of specific, natural healing modalities that eliminate energy blocks, restore health, and achieve balance. Healing sessions are done in person at the Bountiful, Utah office, or over the phone.

Energy Clearing Therapies™ is designed to take you on a personalized healing journey. It’s all about clarity and balance, unlike long-term conventional counseling and meds, both of which often focus on treating the problem, not releasing the issues that created the “problem”.

Call now for a FREE consultation 1-801-557-6709.  Phone sessions available.

What Would You Like to Stop Experiencing?

Addiction? Fear? Guilt?

Resentment? Anger? Grief?

Depression? Blame? Physical Pain?

Being stuck in old behavior patterns?

Energy Clearing Therapies will release the emotional “junk” if you are:

  • ready to acknowledge and address the pain.
  • ready to  move quickly into healing.
  • brave enough to stretch yourself: emotionally, mentally, spiritually.
  • ready to receive clarity and balance in every aspect of life.
  • struggling to find forgiveness, especially for yourself.
  • ready to reclaim the joy that is your birthright.

Bless you in your journey, Beth Certified Rapid Eye Technician